Wednesday, 28 December 2011

STATUS OF LOKPAL: Tool against corruption

Lokpal bill May not be effective in few areas but the historical bill should be pass with due effect immidiatelly despite following reason:
1 opposition parties not supported lokayukta to be powerfull body in all states in the name of "federal structure"..............unreasonable excuse by BJP.
2 Due to a particular party betrayel in voting & absence of few m.p's during voting Constitutional status fail.
3 Reservation of minorities is against basic structure of constitution.
4 exclusion of group C SERVICES & Corporate group from its purview but inclusion of bishops/religious bodies & person is shamefull. 
5 CBI matter & MPs ATR status is regretfull. 
Debate in Loksabha (parliament) shows that political parties are against powerfull lokpal & it pretends that all parties are against lokpal & what more can annaji's movement & ruling parties can do lets see what happen in Rajya sabha tommorow.Hope that it will be passed as the changes and reforms can be later made as any bill is not steel-frame in democracy. Iack of pressure gruop movement & people partcipation at MMRDA.....will weaken fight against corruption.

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