Tuesday, 27 December 2011

RTI Act :Good Governance leading to transparency without corruption? ...............3

The Information Commissions(IC/SIC) have the list of all Jan suchana adhikari (PIOs) in their                       jurisdictions & identifies appropriate modes of dissemination of required information.  I.Cs. need to ensure timebound and accurate information, in the public domain in areas identified as corruption-prone.
The  participation of all sector, public &NGOs in the dissemination of
information in the public domain encouraged with priority. Government departments should maintain answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ) on websites & disclose information should also be in the local language along with Hindi & English.
Information that is generally sought from a department, as well as information that is
proactively disclosed, should be available in the offices of the department.
Programs that have proven successful in one jurisdiction should be considered for adoption elsewhere too. Intensive training programme for PIOs for effective compliance with RTI legislation implemented , according to the act.
                                 It is very regretful that lokshahi’s bureaucrats’ (some) shows insensitivity to the act and give rise to maladministration or cause of corruption leading to need of lokpal /lokayukta urgently & ethics (ch 4 2nd ARC report) also plays significant role for success of RTI act 2005.

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