Monday, 26 December 2011

RTI Act :Good Governance leading to transparency without corruption? ...............2

a. The CIC and the SICs may be entrusted with the task of monitoring
effective implementation of Right to Information Act in all public
authorities. (An appropriate provision could be made under Section 30
by way of removal of difficulties).
b. As a large number of Public Authorities exist at regional, state, district
and sub district level, a nodal officer should be identified wherever
necessary by the appropriate monitoring authority (CIC/SIC) to monitor
implementation of the Act.
c. Each public authority should be responsible for compliance of provisions
of the Act  in its own office as well as that of the subordinate public
d. A National Coordination Committee (NCC) may be set up under the
chairpersonship of the Chief Information Commissioner with the nodal
Union Ministry, the SICs and representatives of States as members. A
provision to this effect may be made under Section 30 of the Act by way
of removing difficulties. The National Coordination Committee would:
i. serve as a national platform for effective implementation of the
ii. document and disseminate best practices in India and elsewhere,
iii. monitor the creation and functioning of the national portal for Right
to Information,
iv. review the Rules and Executive orders issued by the appropriate
governments under the Act,
v. carry out impact evaluation of the implementation of the Act and
vi. perform such other relevant functions as may be deemed necessary.
                           Why no respect of monitoring mechanism by few bureaucrats.

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