Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Segnificance of e-Governance in Development of Rajasthan

 Dr Balraj Bishnoi Rajasthan Government undertook various measures in introducing IT in various departments of the state during last 7 years.The people of Rajasthan are the prime priority for the government and the state is committed to provide them with better governance. The idea is of SMART (Simple, Moral, Accountable, Responsive and Transparent) governance.  In the last one year fast inroads have been made in the area of expansion of e-mitra project, Rajasthan State Wide Area Network (RSWAN) local area network in Secretariat (SecLAN), creation of State Data Centre (SDC) and projects have been initiated with a view to implement the e-governance system effectively. Computerization of procedures in different departments are also being done for e-governance. Projects are in progress in all sectors which are directly associated with common man like the Revenue, Police, Medical and Health, Education, Power and PHED departments. The common man is also being provided respite and facilitating environment through Lok Mitra services. Decision has also been taken to set up knowledge corridor and knowledge park with a view to promote investment in information and technology sector in the state.
 Computer education is being imparted in schools and colleges and more and more I.T. institutes are being opened in the State. Similarly, Information technology is adding new dimensions in technical education and the state is taking new strides in optical fiber communication. Leading companies of business processing outsourcing industry (B.P.O.) are looking to Rajasthan for investment. The State Government is also providing land on concessional basis on services connected with Information technology.
 Major Policy Decisions 
The State Government has taken major policy decisions to give a new facelift to the Information and Technology sector. The following initiatives have been taken to make the process success:
Upto 3% of the state's paln outlay would be invested in IT
All revenue earning departments are to be fully networked and computerized.
Each of 32 Districts will have an integrated IT centers to out-source the private sector
Introduction of IT at all points of contact between the citizen and the government
Internet connectivity to all panchayat Head Quaters
The State Secretariat to have a state-of-the-art computer network to provide a seamless integration among the state wide value added network.
Government would establish frame work contracts with leading & reputed IT service Providers.
 The State Government has also announced to reformulate the I.T. policy of the state that is specifically capable of synergizing with prevailing and emerging technologies and economic trends.
Expansion of e-Mitra Project 
In its endeavour to fulfill people's aspirations, to bring about effectiveness and efficiency in the administration and to ensure good governance to the people, the services being provided by the 'Lok Mitra and Jan Mitra' centres in urban and rural areas shall be provided under the project E-Mitra integrated (Lok Mitra and 'Jan Mitra). The Mitra project would empower citizens through greater access to Government information and would act as an instrument for providing Right to information. The integrated E-Mitra software is in advance stage of development and the 'Lok Mitra' system has been made operational in Udaipur and Bikaner. Three more extension counters of lok mitra has been started in Jaipur. The lok  mitra counter in Secretariat is also ready to be operationalised.
Video Conferencing Facility
All the 32 district collectorate offices of the state have been connected to the state Secretariat through video conferencing facility. This would speed up those decisions of the government that are based on discussions with the district level authorities. This video conferencing network has been dedicated to the State Government on 9th August, 2004.
Land Records Computerization
Under the project relating to Land Record Computerization, records of all 241 tehsils have been computerized. Now computer Jamabandi are being generated and computerized records are being provided to the farmers through Gramdoots and Janmitra Kiosks. Computerization works in major revenue earning departments like Commercial taxes department, Excise Department, Transport Department and Registration and Stamps Department is in progress. The Department of Information Technology is providing technical assistance in computerization of Registration and Stamps department and all the full time 72 S.R. Offices and 120 part time S.R.Offices have been computerized. The pilot project for providing connectivity among the 24 S.R. offices and with District Server of Jaipur district to achieve the objective of "Anywhere Registration" is in progress.
Project SecLAN 
The project SecLAN to establish Campus-wide Local Area Network  in State Secretariat has been initiated. The network will connect all the administrative units situated in Secretariat premises for sharing of information. Under this, Priority Application Modules for LAN are to be developed.
State Data Centre 
A project to create State Data Centre to establish a central repository of information and application for key State Government Departments is in progress. The project to establish Rajasthan State Wide Area Network (RSWAN) to connect State Head Quarter with District /Tehsil level offices of Government is underway. The Government of India has agreed to provide Rs.45 lakhs for Feasibility Study. The existing GIS project 'Vikas Darpan' is under process of revamp, under which augmentation of existing IT infrastructure, development of a set of new GIS application for web based interface and client server and procurement of latest GIS Tools is in progress.
E-Governance Projects 
Janmitra Lokmitra Aarakshi RSRTC Rajasthan State Roadways Transport Corporatio
The CMIS The DIPR Online The MIS for RSPCB Transport Department Hospital Management Information System  Raj Crest Electoral Rolls Management Software MIS for Secondary Education Department Land and Buiding Tax Department & Rajasthan Housing Board

The Government of Rajasthan would leverage Information & Communication Technology (ICT) not only as a tool for improving governance and employment opportunities, but also more significantly as a means to enhance the quality of life and bridging the socio-economic divide in the State. The State Government intends to make conscious efforts to see that benefits of IT/ ITeS in terms of employment generation and economic up-liftment percolates to all sections of the society, particularly to those living in rural and remote areas.                                                                                                   

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