Saturday, 24 December 2011

DRAFTING LOKPAL BIll : Comparative perspective with Signing Constitution ( ARE WE LACKING PATIENCE OR. INTTELLECTUALLS)

Mr. President: The only thing that now remains is the signing of the copy of the Constitution by the Members. There are three copies ready. One is in English completely hand-written and illuminated by artists. The second copy is in print in English. The third copy is also hand-written in Hindi. All the three copies are laid on the table and Members will be requested one by one to come and sign the copies. The idea is to call them in the order in which they are sitting in the House now. But, as the Honourable the Prime Minister has to go on public duty, I will request him first to sign them.
(The Honourable Shri Jawaharlal Nehru then signed the copies of the Constitution.)
Shri Algu Rai Shastri (U.P. : General) : *[Mr. President, I want to submit that since the Constituent Assembly has accomplished its task, its office will now be closed. I wish that the services of the staff working in this office should continue in some form or other. It should not be that on the 26th of January, when the whole country will be engaged in festivities, these officials may not feel like participating in them, although they deserve their share. This is all that I want to submit.)
Mr. President: *[I would like to say in this connection that I have paid attention to this question and have corresponded with the Legislative Department and other departments of the Government for accommodating so far as possible, the persons working in our office. Efforts are being made for it. I hope that most of the people, if not all, will find employment. Efforts will be made to find employment for those also who are left out.]
The Members will now come from the right side, from Madras side, as they are, and sign one by one.
(The Members then signed the copies of the Constitution.)
Mr. President: I would suggest to honourable Members just to take their places, and sign as the names are called. That would, I think, be better; it will certainly look nicer. Mr. Khanna will call out the names of the Members, one after another.
(The remaining Members present then signed the copies of the Constitution after which Mr. President signed the copies.)
*Translation of Hindustani Speech.
Mr. President : Is there any Member who has not yet signed? If any, he
may sign later on in the office.
Honourable Members: Bande Mataram.
Sri M. Ananthasaynam Ayyangar (Madras: General): All of us will sing, with Your permission, Sir, "Jana Gana Mana".
Mr. President: Yes.
(Shrimati Purnima Banerji with other Members sang "Jana Gana Mana" all standing.)
Mr. President: "Bande Mataram".
(Pandit Lakshmi Kanta Maitra, with other Members then sang "Bande Mataram", all standing.)
Mr. President: The House will. stand adjourned now, sine die.
The Constituent Assembly then adjourned, sine die.

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