Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Amir Khan and Intolerance

AMIR AND INTORRANCE : Tarnishes Nations Image. (Dr. BALRAJ Vishnoi)                                                                                         Why such Shameful statement in the name of Intolerance, dear Amir you are free to leave my country if you are scared to reside as stated by your wife Kiran that your children live in fear & your support to such statement scared us and put question mark on your Patriotism. We want to know which country is chosen by you. We always respected your art and film based on Nationalism like Lagan and tolerated film like PK against religious sentiments. why to leave motherland which gave you fame but you defamed the India. We are not living in Syria Mr Amir. We made you as Amir & you gave such insensible statement.
Amir mera Bharat atulya hei, aap dar nahi rehey hei aap dera rehey hein va desh ko badnam kerney ka prayas ker rehey hein.
Vande Matram

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