Saturday, 24 September 2011

Anti-terrorist Front:a protest movement

Anti-terrorist Front:a protest movement 
‎1. Why not able to pass strong Anti-terrorism Act ?
2. What is the necessity ?
3. How to deal through strong the Anti-terrorism Act?
4. why not a priority & to paass emergency legislation to deal with terrorist?
5. What are the safeguards against the Anti-terrorism Act?
6. Why failure of intellegence since long period in INDIA & ACROSS THE WORLD? 7 Why a majhabi siyasat over terrorism & defaming of a particular community in INDIA & USA due to 80-90% attack by enemy of humanity ?
............Its blackspot for MLA of srinagar sh Rashid in J & K assembly (srinagar) to present resolution to save Afjal guru (terrorist/parliament attack) from mrituydand. Why injustice to those sacrifice their life to save parliament.
..............why kasab is alive & secure on pavitra soil of INDIA.
............. why T.N. government passed resolution regading 9 terrorist /rajeev gandhi killer.

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  1. Arvind kejriwal attacked by shoe. I think this act is not acceptable in lokshahi ,it is against civilized way of protest & such Insane persons either in other case or this case need psychological treatment under poilice custody. War against corruption will not be demoralized.
    Existing chairmansip of sh O.p.poonia supported an attack to favor deputy registrar Jaipur dairy (RELATIVE OF FOREST OFFICER) & guljar khan (relative of ex IG) during dairy election in 2010 ,adultering his cooperative socity milk = TO Money terrorism and backstabbing milk-producers & cooperative inspector of Rajasthan. This ilustration given to show that people opposing War against corruption are facing not even humiliation but corrupt politico-bureaucratic nexus is very dirty to any extent as these people are not shameful to face mirror in the morning.